”In today’s rushing world, I feel everyone could use a reminder about the mindset to maintain and improve their perspectives and opportunities, and also to help others to face the challenging start. For that, we all must focus on our goals and accomplish the steps one by one. I have created Daiso Technology AB so as to keep this way of thinking in front of us. I think that we must constantly adjust what we think and know in order to improve, already today! When we start our journey on this path, we establish the grounds of a brighter tomorrow. The base of the company name (”DAISO”) is an abbreviation of areas that I believe we could work on together.”

László Karsai, CEO

D for Diversity

It means that we must not only accept but also promote the variety. We never know what the other person is capable of until we give the support and chance to show us. This a way to create a team with unique people who might think differently which can definitely lead to awesome results.

A for Appreciation of Small Steps

It means that during pursuing our goals, we must take some moments to value what we have accomplished so far. One way of doing it can be to spend some time with family and friends. After the energy is regained, we can continue our tasks.

I for Information Flow

We must be aware of the newest technologies and advertise them so that we can deliver the best results. In order to do so, we must talk to other people, read internet and share our knowledge.

S for Software Development

In such a modern world as what we have today, technolgy and digitalization are keys. It is almost impossible to work with them without developing or utilising a software. We must prepare ourselves with more and more knowledge in this area to be able to support the future solutions the best way we can.

O for Optimising Continously

It is not enough to develop a solution and then move on because the technology always gets better and better. So, we must go back to what we did before and optimise it so that it stays on the highest level.